How NeuralByte Works?

How NeuralByte Works:

  • User Registration: Users register on the NeuralByte Token platform, creating an account and wallet to facilitate transactions.

  • Resource Selection: Users browse the available compute resources on the platform, selecting the configuration best suited for their AI model training needs.

  • Rental Agreement: Through smart contracts, users enter into rental agreements, specifying the duration and terms of compute resource usage.

  • AI Model Training: Users upload their AI models and datasets to the NeuralByte Token server, initiating the training process using the rented compute resources.

  • Built-in Library Integration: NeuralByte Token provides users with access to a built-in library on the server, offering a wide range of tools and frameworks for AI model development and training.

  • Payment Settlement: Upon completion of the rental period, payments are settled automatically through smart contracts, ensuring transparency and security.

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